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Comprehensive Heating & Furnace Services

In the field of heating repair, State Forty Eight Home Comfort is a leader. We have serviced units of many makes and models throughout Peoria, AZ assisting residents in re-igniting their furnaces and restoring warmth and comfort to their homes. We have a lot of experience in this industry, so you can count on our experts to thoroughly evaluate and rectify any problem. Any type of damage to your heating system is inconvenient. However, it can be dangerous at times. The majority of households lack sufficient knowledge of how an HVAC system works to determine when their heating problem has progressed into unsafe territory. As a result, we strongly advise you to contact us right away for assistance.

How To Tell You Need Furnace Service

While furnaces may appear sophisticated – and they can be - it is easy to identify when they need to be repaired. Keep an eye out for several telltale indicators that will alert you to the need for furnace servicing from State Forty Eight Home Comfort. These are only a few of the signs we notice, but they are the most common. The following are a few of the most common:
✔️ Abnormal Smells: We don't mean the smell of the fuel the furnace consumes to generate heat when we say odd smells. Instead, we're talking about a lingering stench or perfume that doesn't smell like gasoline. Two of the most prevalent causes of this problem are gas leaks and excessive dust inside the unit. It can be fixed by a skilled repair specialist.
✔️ Non-Blue Burner Flame:: Gas burner flames should be blue, not yellow. Carbon monoxide can be detected in your home by a yellow flame. This chemical can be dangerous if used in excess. A competent HVAC specialist, such as those at State Forty Eight Home Comfort, can quickly and effectively resolve this problem.
✔️ Unusually High Costs: During the winter, your utility bills may be greater than in the summer. But what if your winter utility expenditures are astronomically high in comparison to past years? There could be a problem with any number of issues in this scenario. These problems will result in inefficiency, forcing your heating system to work harder to keep your home warm.

Furnace Check-Ups and Tune-Ups: Why They Matter

Consider your furnace to be the engine of your house. To survive as long as it should, every car, truck, and SUV requires routine maintenance. We ensure optimal efficiency throughout the lifespan of your furnace by performing regular furnace check-ups and tune-ups. Don't be stingy with them. Once a year, we conduct rigorous preventative maintenance and surveys. This routine practice can detect problems before they turn into disasters. However, rather than performing the maintenance yourself, we recommend entrusting it to State Forty Eight Home Comfort. There are several things you can do at home, though:

✔️Replace Your Filters: Furnace filters are designed to keep dust, pet dander, grime, and other contaminants out of the HVAC system unit and air ducts. However, the filters will eventually collect too much of it. If this happens, you'll need to replace the filter.
✔️Examine for Leaks: Follow the metal chamber and tunnel that starts at the burner assembly and finishes where the chimney vent links to the vent to find the heat exchanger. Please notify us if you discover a leak.

Is It The Thermostat or the Furnace?

The HVAC system in your home is made up of several different parts, each of which performs an important purpose. Punctured hoses and unclean furnace filters can cause heating system failures. The device can get a touch long in the tooth at times. Wiring can corrode over time, and leaks might develop. But what if you've ruled out these potential suspects? Now it's time to turn your attention to the thermostat. Consider this part to be the control centre for your entire HVAC system.
The thermostat is in charge of informing the furnace about how warm the dwelling should be. A working system will be 72 degrees if the thermostat is set to 72 degrees. The thermostat could be at blame if the furnace stops producing heat, emits irregular warmth, or cycles longer than necessary. Sometimes the issue is one of power. Before contacting our furnace professionals, be sure to check the following:
✔️ Replace the batteries with AA lithium batteries. Alkaline batteries quickly deplete their charge.
✔️ Examine the power switch on the furnace. It's sometimes mistaken for a light switch, and it's turned off as a result.
✔️ Make sure there are no blown fuses by checking the circuit breaker.

Why You Should Choose State Forty Eight Home Comfort

It is important to have prior experience. Peoria, Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Anthem, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Goodyear City, Maricopa County have long been served by State Forty Eight Home Comfort. We've been providing clients with economical and effective heating, and air services since many years — Your home will rapidly become cold and uncomfortable if your furnace fails, especially in Arizona. As a result, we work quickly. While we recognise the value of speed, we also believe that effectiveness is equally crucial. Our technicians are taught to value our clients' time and do work right the first time.