A Handy HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning your HVAC system is something on almost all homeowners’ minds before the new season approaches. A smart way to approach this is to compile a list of all things to be done. Maintaining your home’s heating and cooling season adds to its efficiency. The right steps to clean and care for your system will also minimize repair costs.

Let’s have a look at what to include in your HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Changing the Air Filter

When the season is changing, and spring is approaching, your HVAC filter needs to be replaced. Replacing your HVAC filter every three months can make it more energy-efficient and increase air conditioning cooling. Filters can also be changed more frequently, like every month, in order to improve air quality. You can purchase a new HVAC filter from your hardware store. Make sure to check the right size before you do so.

Clean Out the Condenser

The condenser is your HVAC system’s outdoor portion. In winter, the condenser can get dirty and clogged with grime, debris, and leaves. Clean out the condenser in order for the AC to work better during the summer.

Check the Thermostat Batteries

Before the new season approaches, do check your thermostat batteries. If your thermostat batteries die, your air conditioner will not be able to run. Usually, thermostat batteries last about a year, so if you changed them last spring, now would be a good time to clean them. To change your thermostat batteries, all you have to do is slide the thermostat off the wall and replace the batteries. Make sure you get the correct size of batteries.

Vacuum All Vents and Dust All Surfaces

Air vents can attract dust. When your turn on your AC, the Dust can be blown into your home. You can remove the vents with a screwdriver and wash them with soapy water. It’s also possible to vacuum the vents and the area inside the ducts as far as you can reach. Also, make sure to dust all surfaces inside the room. Even though your air filter will also catch the dust, this step will make it easier for the air filter.

Clear all Weeds

When cleaning the outdoor unit or the condenser, do make sure you pull out all weeds that have grown around the unit. If weeds are growing close to the unit, it can block airflow, and your home will not be cooled properly.

Test Run the System

Lastly, don’t forget to test-run your air conditioning. This will let you know if the system is working efficiently. If there are any unusual sounds or smells, they can be fixed before the temperature starts increasing.

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